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Website & Interactive Design

Kelsey Armstrong is an experienced marketing professional specializing in website and interactive design, having worked with a broad portfolio of clients and industries, including non-profits, universities, government agencies, pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, clinical trials, environmental services, mass transit technologies, auditory assistive technologies, nutritional supplements, fine arts, architectural installations, and corporate event planning.


Kelsey is most proud of their work in the non-profit sector, specifically working with many organizations, campaigns, and reports supporting maternal, familial, and childhood welfare in New Jersey.  


Kelsey grew up in central New Jersey, where they graduated summa cum laude from Rider University with degrees in Advertising, Marketing, and Entrepreneurial Studies and minors in Graphic Design and Multimedia Communication/Web Design.


Kelsey resides with their husband and their two dogs, three cats, and two chickens; they especially enjoy cooking, baking, and tending to their extensive gardening and homesteading hobbies.

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